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Sand scarcity hits Mumbai’s first artificial beach project

The plan for Mumbai’s first artificial beach off Marine Drive faces a challenge due to huge shortage of sand.

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Seawalls, coastal forests show mixed effectiveness at reducing deaths and damage from tsunami

Following the tsunami in 1933, coastal towns in Japan began to construct “tsunami seawalls” to protect lives and property from this repeated hazard. After the death and destruction of 2011, the effectiveness of tsunami seawalls has been called into question.


Three Tropical Systems Spin Near Japan At Once; Typhoon Mindulle Strikes Tokyo


Satellite imagery this weekend showed an interesting sight near Japan as a trio of tropical systems spun near the country. One of those three systems, Mindulle, made landfall near Tokyo as a typhoon on Monday.


Will Cinque Terre turn away tourists?

The fishing villages of Cinque Terre, Italy, now rely solely on tourism, but ironically, the only way to preserve them might be to cut the number of visitors by half.


Officials, residents, researchers look for answers to beach erosion

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Lake Michigan water has risen and fallen, like a living, changing organism, but there is little doubt the combination of rising water and manmade structures has created a problem. Soon, there may be plans to stop the devastating effects of beach erosion, but getting to a consensus on what to do and who should pay for immediate and long-term solutions shifts like the sand beneath dozens of structures along the shoreline.


Sri Lankan mangroves respond to conservation plan

A year after Sri Lanka launched a mangrove conservation plan, about half of its 37,000 hectares of mangrove forests are in a various stage of revival, officials say.


Tanzania: Total Plastics Use Ban Plan By Next January Remains

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The government has reiterated that it won’t back down on its decision to ban the use of plastic bags effective January next year.


Cubans bemoan trashing of island’s beaches

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Litter is a problem virtually everywhere in the world. But the trashing of Cuba’s world-class beaches by beachgoers has become so extreme, that tourists are complaining and Cubans bemoan it as a symptom of something amiss in a nation that’s long cherished cleanliness, order and mutual respect.


Authorities investigate source of 30km oil spill in Darwin harbor, Australia

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Environmentalists says the spill could be devastating for the harbour’s mangrove and marine ecosystems and those responsible needed to be found.


Marine life dwindles after beach renourishment at Folly Beach, SC

In what’s considered the first study of its kind in South Carolina, a state scientific report says two beach renourishment projects had a long-lasting effect on bugs, small shellfish and worms that lived in areas where offshore-sand mining occurred at Folly Beach.

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