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Marina: Nation’s last coastal sand mine might be shut down by Coastal Commission

The US nation’s last remaining coastal sand mine may face closure. The California Coastal Commission has put Marina’s Lapis sand mine on notice after a nearly six-year investigation into multiple violations of the state’s Coastal Act.


From Obama’s Top Scientist, Words of Caution on Climate

A physicist by training, John Holdren is the longest-serving presidential science adviser in U.S. history. Holdren spoke to Yale Environment 360 about the difference between “dangerous” and “catastrophic” warming, the incoming Trump administration, and how to talk to people who deny the existence of climate change.


Tsunami threat eases after powerful magnitude-7.0 earthquake shakes Solomon Islands


Solomon Islands has been rattled by another powerful earthquake, but authorities have now lifted a warning of potential hazardous tsunami waves.


Discover How Climate Change Is Rapidly Transforming Our Earth With Google Timelapse

Google Earth’s newly updated feature captures how the world has changed since 1984.


Living Shorelines Withstand Storm Matthew’s Force

When Hurricane Matthew approached North Carolina in October, many in the state – from scientists to casual observers – watched to see the effects on shorelines.Storm surge and increased wave action can visibly wear away the coast. How would properties with bulkheads fare? Or, for those with wetlands conservation in mind, would living shorelines deliver what they promised..?


‘This is a 4-alarm fire’: Environmentalists to campaign against Trump’s EPA pick

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Environmental advocates say they are shocked and worried after Donald Trump announced Thursday that he had selected Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who has denied mainstream climate science, to administer his Environmental Protection Agency.


Most UK coastal flooding caused by moderate, not extreme storms

Scientists have found that the majority of instances of coastal flooding around the United Kingdom in the last 100 years have been due to moderate storm events combined with high spring tides, rather than extreme storms.


Green delight as Trump’s Irish wall plans withdrawn

Under growing international pressure, Trump International Golf Links (TIGL) has rescinded their proposal for the 3km seawall at Doughmore Beach, Ireland.


Growing Pains: Arctic Sea Ice at Record Lows

Every northern fall and winter, cooling ocean and air temperatures cause the floating cap of Arctic sea ice to grow from its annual minimum extent toward a maximum between February and April. So far in 2016, though, the Arctic Ocean and neighboring seas have been slow to freeze, setting both daily and monthly record lows.


Polar ice the size of India has melted into the sea, scientists say

As global temperatures continue to rise and break records, polar sea ice covering an area about the size of India has vanished, according to climate scientists. The trend of polar ice melt has been alarming researchers, with sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctica being measured at record lows for this time of year.

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