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Adapt or die: Can evolution outrun climate change?

Across the planet, animal and plant species are on the run. A rapidly changing climate is shifting when and where plants blossom, and forcing creatures big and small to migrate and learn new tactics for survival. It’s a trend that’s likely to accelerate as scientists expect to see more extreme weather events.


Sea-level rise and the precious commodity of sand

The sand used to construct towns and cities leads to development that then impedes sand’s natural flow from watersheds, diminishing one of its best sources of replenishment.

Can we get 100 percent of our energy from renewable sources?

Some researchers doubted the feasibility of many of the recent scenarios for high shares of renewable energy. Now scientists have hit back with their response to the points raised. They demonstrate that there are no roadblocks on the way to a 100 percent renewable future.

Shocking Study Shows One Third of World’s Protected Areas Degraded by Human Activities

A shocking study confirms that one third of the world’s protected areas — an astonishing 2.3 million square miles or twice the size of the state of Alaska – are now under intense human pressure including road building, grazing, and urbanization.

The Great Transformation: Climate-Can We Beat the Heat? A Comic by Reinhold Leinfelder and others

“The Great Transformation: Climate-Can We Beat the Heat? ” is regarded as the most comprehensive discussion on global climate change and many related aspects, all in comic book form. In this comic, nine top scientists, the members of WBGU as comic-book heroes, show us that we can beat the heat – and how to do it.

Republican congressman explains sea-level rise: it’s rocks falling into the sea

Member of Congress has suggested that the White Cliffs of Dover tumbling into the English Channel was causing rising sea levels, pushing back at the notion that rising sea levels were the result of global warming.

Hands Across the Sand, May 19th, 2018: “Say NO to dirty fuels and YES to clean energy”

Celebrate, News

Activists around the globe, are invited to organize hundreds of events and Join Hands creating a powerful image to send to our elected officials.

One man’s race to capture the Rocky Mountains glaciers before they vanish

After hearing that the glaciers of the Rocky Mountains are rapidly vanishing, one man took a novel course of action – he flew a light aircraft, built in 1949, low and alone over the mountains in order to photograph them. The enormity of the loss was apparent from his plane, where he took in whole ecosystems.

A softer approach, living shorelines as an alternative to a hardened coast

Erosion, Inform

Research over the last decade points toward the pursuit of living shorelines for coastal landowners seeking erosion control.But, with regulatory lag and miles of shoreline lost each year to harsh structures, it’s not always easy.

Alien Waters: Neighboring Seas Are Flowing into a Warming Arctic Ocean

The “Atlantification” and “Pacification” of the Arctic has begun. As warmer waters stream into an increasingly ice-free Arctic Ocean, new species — from phytoplankton to whales — have the potential to upend this sensitive polar environment.

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