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South Africa: Authorities Finally Move Against Australian Sand Mining Company

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Tormin’s mining practice, which deviated significantly from the original environmental authorisation provisions of the mining license, has been in the spotlight since the mine began operations in March 2014. These include the construction of structures on the beach zone, mining directly on the beaches, and questions about a massive collapse of the sea cliffs below the mine processing plant.


Scientists find link between tropical storms, decline of river deltas

A change in the patterns of tropical storms is threatening the future of the Mekong River delta in Vietnam, research shows, indicating a similar risk to other deltas around the world.


Typhoon Haima slams Philippines in second storm in a week


Officials in the Philippines warned that Typhoon Haima, which made landfall late Wednesday, could be even stronger than Haiyan in 2013.


Sand Mining Threatens Homes In Duazon, Liberia

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People investing thousands of dollars in residential buildings near the Atlantic Beach in Duazon risk losing their properties as a result of rampant sand mining there.


Maersk in hot water for sending ships to notorious scrapping beaches

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While outwardly against the procedure, 14 ships of the Danish oil and shipping company Maersk, were being broken up on open beaches in India and Bangladesh.


The EU’s effect on Blackpool’s beaches – before and after pictures

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As Brexit puts the future of EU laws protecting the environment in doubt, Greenpeace sent photographer Vanessa Miles to Blackpool to recreate a series of images she took in 1990 when just one in five UK beaches met bathing guidelines.


Images reveal the stunning pink beaches around the world

There are a few destinations around the world where the beaches actually have a subtle shade of pink. The phenomenon is not caused by pollution or a trick of the light but rather, a micro-organism known as foraminifera.


Wave Energy on the Horizon in the Pacific Islands

Waves are ubiquitous in the more than 20 island states scattered across 165 million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean. But only this year, following a ground-breaking study by oceanographic experts, are they now seen as an economically viable source of renewable energy in the region.


Earthquake series cause uplift variations at continental margins


A new mechanism may explain how great earthquakes with magnitudes larger than M7 are linked to coastal uplift in many regions worldwide. This has important implications for the seismic hazard and the tsunami risk along the shores of many countries.


Hurricane Sandy-Level Floods Likely to Hit NYC More Often

Disastrous floods like those seen during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 may hit New York City 17 times more often in the next century, a new study finds.

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